Saturday, January 22, 2011

What do I love???

There are a lot things in this life that I am soo grateful for and love... so I just wanted to make a list so whenever I am doing the "girl thing" and being cranky or having a pity party, I can just look back at this and hopfully smile :)

1. I absolutely just love and adore my dreamboat of a husband!! Dante is the best thing that ever happened to me and I have no idea what I would do without him. He is my better half, and makes me laugh everyday! I can't believe that we have almost been married for 2 whole years. The time has flown by and I am sooo excited to see what the rest of our lives bring. I love you baby!

2. My familia. I have be so blessed to be able to live close to family while I have been here in Utah, and it has been the best thing ever. It is definitely going to be a sad day when we no longer all live next to each other in anymore. My older brother Cody has already moved, but we were lucky enough to have a lot of really fun memories together before he moved to the east coast. My parents are the most amazing people ever, and I can't even begin on my younger brothers. They make me laugh soo hard... I love it every time they come to visit or when we get to go up to Oregon. I am especially grateful for my new family. Dante's side of the family has welcomed with open arms and been so fun to get to know.

3. Friends. I can't even begin to describe how much I love my friends. Before I met Dante, they were who I was with everyday... and throughout ridiculous hours of the night. My friends are so important to me and have definitely helped shape me into the person I am today. Thanks for always being there!!! and for all of the crazy and irresponsible memories we have together :) I wouldn't change a thing!

4. School. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to go to school and receive an education. It was hard, and I was most of the time sleep deprived.. but I loved every minute of it... wellll most of it... maybe not the tests!! I have had extremely good professors that have helped open my eyes up to a great big world. I am grateful for what they taught me about health and fitness, the human body, the gospel, and how to be a grown up and responsible adult. I do feel very accomplished being out of school... but I will always have a place in my heart that still misses going to class and learning. Who knows... maybe I'll go back one day?? Go Cougars!!!

5. Exercise. I LOVE TO EXERCISE!!! I feel like these past couple of years at BYU and learning about how amazing our bodies are and how important it is to take care of them has released a new energy within me to workout reguarly and eat healthy. Sometimes it is hard to drag my tried body to the gym, but I love the challange... and oddly i love to sweat and feel my body getting stronger. I am so grateful for a family that worksout reguarly and has taught me since a young age, why it is important to be healthy. I love exercising... that is all there is to it :)