Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Usual.

I have decided that I am just not a very consistent blogger.... so here is my usual couple month catch up of what we have been up too. Novemeber 9th was our 6th month anniversary, and Dante suprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! What an amazing hubby =) My family also were able to come down in Novemeber for Thanksgiving, except for my dad, he had to work... which was lame. His boss is ridiculous... but that is another story. Anyways, my older brother Cody won extra tickets for the BYU vs. Uof U rivalry game by standing on his head and sang the BYU fight song. So we were able to have enough tickets for my mom and brothers to make it to the game! It was such an exciting game, and we ended up winning in over time! We were all screaming like crazy, and Dante and I rushed the field afterwards, it was AWESOME!

December was a pretty crazy month between trying to finish final projects, study for finals, and do Christmas! I am pretty sure Dante and I didn't see eachother most of the week of finals. However, once we ended finals and we have been able to relax during thie Christmas break, it has been so fun! My friend Alena came over on Sunday and we decided to bake our hearts out so we could deliver Christmas treats to our friends! We spent ALL day in the kitchen, but I think that it was definitely worth it in the end.. and hopefully the people we delivered these too did as well!

A couple days before Christmas, we went with our good friends the Seth and Carrol to the Vegas Bowl! We were able to walk the strip the first day we were there. We visted the M&M factory

We also went to the Coca Cola store, and they had a place where you could try 16 different flavors of Coca Cola from around the world! It was really fun to try the different flavored drinks. Some were amazing... others were not so good...

Besides going to the game, I think my favorite thing that we did was watch the fountains at the Belagio hotel. If you haven't seen this before I highly recommend going, it was amazing!

The game was sooooo much fun, and it made it even better that we totally tore apart OSU! However, the game was FREEZING! I seriously thought my fingers and toes were going to fall off after the 1st quarter. This didn't stop us from cheering our heart out at the game though, and since it was so cold, a lot of fairweather fans left and we were able to watch the game from the front row, it was amazing. Of course after the clock ran out we rushed the field with a bunch of our fellow BYU fans and it was sooo fun. We met up with #5 Brandon Bradley who is in our ward, and were also able to high five and take pictures with a bunch of the other players.