Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Usual.

I have decided that I am just not a very consistent blogger.... so here is my usual couple month catch up of what we have been up too. Novemeber 9th was our 6th month anniversary, and Dante suprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! What an amazing hubby =) My family also were able to come down in Novemeber for Thanksgiving, except for my dad, he had to work... which was lame. His boss is ridiculous... but that is another story. Anyways, my older brother Cody won extra tickets for the BYU vs. Uof U rivalry game by standing on his head and sang the BYU fight song. So we were able to have enough tickets for my mom and brothers to make it to the game! It was such an exciting game, and we ended up winning in over time! We were all screaming like crazy, and Dante and I rushed the field afterwards, it was AWESOME!

December was a pretty crazy month between trying to finish final projects, study for finals, and do Christmas! I am pretty sure Dante and I didn't see eachother most of the week of finals. However, once we ended finals and we have been able to relax during thie Christmas break, it has been so fun! My friend Alena came over on Sunday and we decided to bake our hearts out so we could deliver Christmas treats to our friends! We spent ALL day in the kitchen, but I think that it was definitely worth it in the end.. and hopefully the people we delivered these too did as well!

A couple days before Christmas, we went with our good friends the Seth and Carrol to the Vegas Bowl! We were able to walk the strip the first day we were there. We visted the M&M factory

We also went to the Coca Cola store, and they had a place where you could try 16 different flavors of Coca Cola from around the world! It was really fun to try the different flavored drinks. Some were amazing... others were not so good...

Besides going to the game, I think my favorite thing that we did was watch the fountains at the Belagio hotel. If you haven't seen this before I highly recommend going, it was amazing!

The game was sooooo much fun, and it made it even better that we totally tore apart OSU! However, the game was FREEZING! I seriously thought my fingers and toes were going to fall off after the 1st quarter. This didn't stop us from cheering our heart out at the game though, and since it was so cold, a lot of fairweather fans left and we were able to watch the game from the front row, it was amazing. Of course after the clock ran out we rushed the field with a bunch of our fellow BYU fans and it was sooo fun. We met up with #5 Brandon Bradley who is in our ward, and were also able to high five and take pictures with a bunch of the other players.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Life as we know it... and loving it!

Gosh, I really need to set a time aside each month to update our blog... you know kind of like writing in your journal?? ANYWAYS..... Just to update on our currnet status is life.... Dante and I are both still at BYU and really are enjoying our time here =) We spend a lot of our time apart between school and work, so we try to take advantage of the time we do have together!! I have been trying to find new recipes lately, and Dante acutally found one on his friend's blog for french bread pizza!!! It was so easy to make and it was yummy! All it took was:
- A loaf of French Bread

- Spagetti Sauce with some added Italian seasoning

- Shredded pepper jack cheese

- Pepperoni
- and whatever else you want on top!!!
- cook at 375 for about 8-10 mins
On a random note, one night we decided to have omlets for dinner and this is how it turned out... looking like the states! hahaha

Anyways... a couple of weeks ago Dante and I had our co-ed basketball game and it was getting pretty competitive... and I ended up getting elbowed in the mouth which split my lip almost the whole way through and chipped my tooth!

I didn't want to pay the fee at the ER since BYU insurance doens't cover very much there... so lame by the way, if the BYU health center is going to close at 6pm, they should have a better policy.. Seriously... do they think that people don't get hurt after their closing hours?!?!?! anways, so I went and played in my flag football game... which we won by 5 touchdowns =), went home at showered and was in bed and finally decided that since the cut was on my face that I should probably bite the bullet and go to the ER... we ended up staying there until about 2 am and I come home with a fat lip and 4 stitches.. it was a very exciting adventure. I just want to give a shout out to my amazing husband for putting up with my stubborness and staying with me in the ER all night when I finally decided to go, I love you baby.

4 days after the injury Dante and I flew home for Mitchells farewell talk!! I can't believe that he leaves TOMORROW to go to Brazil... he is sooooo ready though, and he did an amazing job on his talk. He is going to be an amazing missionary, I am really looking forward to his upcoming letters =) We loved going home!! It consisted of a lot of naps, some amazing eating thanks to my mom's amazing cooking, we went to Devon's football game on Friday night, and Dylans football game on Sautrday night. It was a blast and we both wished that we could've stayed longer!! It was really hard to try to get back into the swing of things after we came home!

In the spirit of Halloween I had a work party which helped, and we carved pumpkins!! It was really fun.. for some reason we have carved a lot of pumpkins this year, but I think our latest one is the one I like the most!! It is of Jack the pumpking king from the Nightmare Before Christmas !!

After the work party we came home and studied for awhile and then at 1 am we went to the parking lot across from the football stadium and camped out for the ESPN college game day that came to Provo!! In case you were wondering... yes it was raining while we set up our tent, yes it was freeeeeezing (despite what Dante says), yes it was loud... ALL NIGHT LONG, and yes we did get in line early enough to actually get inside the barriers for the college game day set up! If we wouldn't have gotten in I probably would've counted this as one of our worst experiences together... but since we were able to make it in we did have a lot of fun despite being sleep deprived and cold!! PS... please excuse how gross I look in these pictures... but given the circumstances I guess that was about as good as it was going to get!! However, we both are now sick... haha but how often is EPSN college game day goign to come to Provo?! GO COUGS!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our latest adventures

I know, I am lame.. it has been over a MONTH since I last blogged... totally unexceptable. I guess I will just pick up where I left off. Dante and I left Maryland the 22nd of August, but before we left we did get to do a couple of fun things...

We went to a Red Sox game against the Orioles and it was a blast.. especially since the Red Sox won... Dante would NOT have been happy if they would have lost!

The game was in downtown Baltimore and it was soooooo crowded!! After the game we walked around the harbor area and went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.. I am pretty sure they make the best milkshakes ever there... anyways...

We also decided to one day do a puzzle... seems simple enough, right?? Wrongo bongo...

So you may be asking why we decided to do this puzzle... I will admit that it is kind of ghetto, and I really have no idea why we picked this one because it is pretty ugly..but we were up for the challenge...
This is pretty much how our kitchen table looked for a couple weeks...and we found a couple of pieces in there that were the EXACT same puzzle piece!! So needless to say we weren't able to finish our ghetto fab puzzle before we left, but we were both felt find about not finishing it! One thing we were very excited about though was the day we packed up our car and drove all the way back to Utah! We tried to organize our car in an orderly fashion...

but lets be hoenst, between all of mine and Dantes stuff ( he is pretty high maintnance... just kidding sweetie), the car was pack pretty tightly, but we were happy to be heading back to Provo!

However.. after being in the car for 12 hours and having to drive 24more hours we slowly began to lose our enthusiasum for being in the car. We drove from Baltimore to Chicago and stayed the night there and woke up for the 24 hour drive ahead of us. I took a picture on our GPS of when were suppose to be arriving in Utah....

I took this picture at 9:30 in the morning after sleeping in Chicago... if you look closely in the bottom left hand corner it says that will will arrive in utah.. 7:19 AM, the next day. ew.

We did have some movies that we brought with us that we watched on our lap top which made the trip go by a lot faster because it was a VERY boring drive...this is basically what we looked at the WHOLE DRIVE HOME......

Corn fields and bug guts.... talk about boring.

We ended up driving the whole rest of the 24 hours striaght through!! We stopped for gas at about 4:00am and played frisbee for awhile, and then at about 5:30 am decided to take a nap before we both got too tired to drive. We ended up pulling into our drive way at about 10:30 in the morning... it was AWESOME getting out of the car and unloading everything into our new duplex =)

We are both in school right now and are having a blast being here at BYU!!! I will admit since we have been married we do go to bed before 11:30 every night, but that is definitely a new habit in my life that I don't mind having. =)

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Since Dante has to work Monday through Saturday ALL DAY LONG, we don't really have a huge window of space to go do things together.... so we have really been trying to take advantage of our time together by taking a "daycation" on Sundays since that is Dante's only day off! Recently we went and visited the National history museum in Washington DC, and it was really cool! They had a whole exhibit dedicated to Abe Lincoln, and another of all of the major wars our country has gone through.... it was really fun to walk through!

Last weekend we also had the chance to go up to New York city with some of our friends, and it was a blast!! After figuring out how to work the subway system, we made it to ground zero, the statue of liberty, the NBA store (Dante loved it there.. and lets be honest, so did I!) and Times Square! Since we were only limited to a being there for a day we didn't get to see everything that we wanted to, but it was still a blast!! It is so fun being married and being able to do all of these things with my cute husband =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Impulsive decision???? I think so!

A couple of months before I got married I really wanted to cut my hair, but of course I didn't so I could have long blonde locks to go along with my beautiful wedding dress. However, lately these impulses to cut my hair have been slowly re-entering my train of thought... Yesterday my friend showed me a cut she thought would look cute on me and without thinking about it twice I called up a hair salon and schedulled an appointment to chop all of my hair off!! Did I think about it all day today? Yes. Did I feel like I was going to throw up when I sat down in the salon chair? Yes. Do I love my new hair cut? YES YES YES!!!! Have I told Dante that I was cutting my hair? NO, we'll if he is suprised when he gets home in about an hour! It will definitely be something to get used to... but it is a fun change and I am sure Dante won't mind the lack of my long blonde hair all over everything now.



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th in DC

Ok, I know that this a little bit late, but it is definitely still worthy of blogging about! The guys only had to work a half day on the 4th of July, so me and one of the other wives packed up snacks and games and rode the metro to Washington DC to save spots watch the fireworks! We left at 3:30 and got there by 5:30 and it was already packed with people. There were a bunch of festivities going on and music playing and it was really fun. So we hiked through all the crowds of people over to the lawn in front of the Washington Monument and layed out blankets and then waited... and waited... and waited some more until Dante and some other guys that he works with showed up just in time to see the firework show! It was truely amazing to be at our nations captiol celebrating out country's independence day. They put on an amazing firework show right behind the Lincoln Memorial, so we had prime seating! The only downer to the night was how long it took us to get home... and riding the metro on the way back was a disaster. We were all smashed together
like a can of sardins, butit was totally worth it!