Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to UPDATE!!

Holy cow, it has been quite some time since I last got on here... so I am just going to give ya a general update on the major things that have happened the past couple of months.
In March we had our friend Marybeth take our engagement pictures!! It was sooooo fun, and marybeth did an AMAZING job. We took them at the Riverwoods and had a blast taking them.. even though Dante said he didn't really enjoy taking pictures for an hour, I know deep down that he was loving it.. I mean who doesn't love having pictures taken on themselves???

April was a craZZy month to say the least... between studying like mad for upcoming finals, planning a wedding, and trying to work out all the time to shed those extra pounds before the big day, every day was a whirl wind. We were both definitely happy the day finals ended allowing us to spend more time together before I left to Oregon to finish up things while Dante stayed in Utah and worked before we got married. Needless to say, I was glad when the month of April was over!!! I don't think I would've made it if I didn't have my mom helping me as much as she did, thanks momma Fawnbug, I love you!!

When May hit it was pretty exciting because it was crunch time.. we were getting married!! Those last two weeks at home were so fun spending some time with the family before all the company started arriving. Most of my family and a lot of Dante's family were able to come up for the wedding, and let me tell you, it was a party! A bunch of my cute roommates came up and helped out a ton. The Tuesday before we got married I was able to go through the temple for the firs time and it was AMAZING. I am so grateful for how close I have lived to a temple for the most part of my life, what a blessing. On Friday Rachael Wight took us downtown with me in my wedding dress and Dante in his tux and we took so many fun pictures! Since this was the day before our wedding, my roommies came a long and made sure that my dress didn't touch anything dirty (which ps, Katie, my wonderful sister in law let me wear her dress.. it was beautiful and so fun to wear it, thanks KT).. that seemed like a pretty difficult task in downtown Portland, but they did a great job! We also had the wedding dinner on Friday, and it went really well.. not only was the food was delicious, but it was so fun to have all of our close friends and family in one room to share this exciting time in our lives. Later that night my friends that were there threw me a bacholorette party which consisted of eating Bazookies (a fried cookie dough, ice cream and caramel sauce piece of heaven) watching Grey's Anatomy and staying up way to late.. I did have a little freak out moment that night, but after talking with my parents for a bit they helped calm my nerves, I love my mom and dad.. they are the best!
Despite staying up for a large portion of the night, I woke up at 6:45a.m. took a shower and started getting ready for the big day! My lovely friend Lauren did my hair and make up and she did a great job! Within three hours and 87 bobbypins later I was ready to go! Dante and I
showed up at the temple an hour early to take pictures with the photographer, got married at one, took more pictures with family afterwards and headed home for awhile. It all was a blur now that I think back to it... we came home for about an hour after being at the temple and ate some food and touched up a little bit and headed to the stake center for the reception. Although we had to stand in a line for a couple of hours, it was really fun. So many of my close friends that I have grown up with were able to come and meet my new husband and wish us congratulations. After standing in the line we cut the cake, danced our dance together, threw the bouquet and garder, had a dance party and ate some of the fun food that was out there and at about 10:00 we took off to begin our new life together! As we walked out of the stake center to leave everyone was holding sparklers and cheering as we left.. it was sooo fun! Of course we were a bit delayed when we got to the car because our friends had decorated it... but May 9th was the happeist day of my life! I love Dante so much and am so glad that we are married now =) He is such an amazing man and I am so excited to spend my forever with him.