Friday, November 5, 2010


Obsessed. That is what I am......

With sugar that is. I have set goals, made promises, and threats when it has come to trying to slow down on the sugar intake, but my sweet tooth has become more than an every now and then kind of habit.... that's right..... it is now an obsession. I CANNOT go one day without eating at least 3 pieces of candy...sneaking some ice cream.. or giving into any sort of craving... recently, my obsession of choice has been:

TOTSIEROLL POPS!! I don't know if it is because it reminds me of my childhood, or if it is simply because I love all forms and shapes of sugar... but I have literally been craving these things!!! (no I am NOT pregnant)

I have come to conclusion in the past couple of day though. Every time I have tried to "restrain" myself from sugar or cut down... I end up going crazy and eating every piece of candy in sight! So I have decided that instead of saying NO SUGAR... I should focus on exercising even harder so that I can eat whatever i want... just kidding...

I really am starting today... ok well actually today has already been ruined... so tomorrow, I am going to start putting myself on a sugar restriction.. to ONE small sweet thing a day... I know (from experience) that if I go cold turkey I will turn into a crazy sugar craving monster (kind of like when I am on my period... but worse because it is all of the time instead of just once a month).. so I need to just set limits. here is my limit. ONE. SWEET. THING. A. DAY. AFTER. DINNER. NO. EXCEPTIONS. Why after dinner you ask? because that is when the cravings are strongest. During the day I am actually quite good at eating healthy and avoiding sweets... it is after dinner that I turn crazy. Kind of like how old people somehow become crazier after the sun sets. ... but if I know i can treat myself to one sweet thing after dinner... it doesn't seem to bad! Of course holidays and birthdays will be an exception to sweets... but that doesn't mean i have to give up on any kind of portion control. You are all my witnesses..... Tomorrow marks day one... keep your fingers crossed.... maybe I should fill Dante in on the details so he doesn't wonder why all of a sudden I am ten times more emotional and twenty times or irritable.