Saturday, August 1, 2009


Since Dante has to work Monday through Saturday ALL DAY LONG, we don't really have a huge window of space to go do things together.... so we have really been trying to take advantage of our time together by taking a "daycation" on Sundays since that is Dante's only day off! Recently we went and visited the National history museum in Washington DC, and it was really cool! They had a whole exhibit dedicated to Abe Lincoln, and another of all of the major wars our country has gone through.... it was really fun to walk through!

Last weekend we also had the chance to go up to New York city with some of our friends, and it was a blast!! After figuring out how to work the subway system, we made it to ground zero, the statue of liberty, the NBA store (Dante loved it there.. and lets be honest, so did I!) and Times Square! Since we were only limited to a being there for a day we didn't get to see everything that we wanted to, but it was still a blast!! It is so fun being married and being able to do all of these things with my cute husband =)