Monday, November 21, 2011


So I pretty much just droll over Noah all day... I cannot believe he is ours! That little guy makes me smile all the time, what a cutie pie. Things have been crazy around here trying to figure out a schedule and how to be parents... I can't complain though, Noah is such a good baby. He usually isn't very fussy and is a champ when it comes to eating and sleeping. He is just bulking up big time, I think we have a future football player on out hands :) The only sad part about it, is that he is growing out of all of his cute PJ's that I just love!! These are by far my fav jammies of his, and even though I have tried, I can no longer squeeze him into these bad boys anymore

Aren't they just the cutest jammies ever?! However, they are looking a bit snug in this picture... he was NOT happy when I took this...hehe

Just another picture for your viewing pleasure..

Halloween was last month, and although we only had 3 trick or treaters ( my niece and 2 nephews) it was a blast... I made dinner in a pumpkin, pumpkin biscuits, corn, and mashed potatoes. It was delicious, but I do have to say, it has been tricky trying to figure out when to make dinner so it gets done in time for Dante to come home and all the while keeping little Noah happy. Here are some pics from the dinner though:

And we carved a pumpkin, Batman style... I do have to admit though, I am an awful pumpkin carver.... this was all Dantes handy work!

Anyways, back to the real reason you are reading my blog, here are some new updated pictures of Noah. He is just changing so much every day, before you know it, he will be walking and talking... well hopefully not too soon.. I don't know if I am ready for that quite yet!

Recently whenever I check on Noah, I have been finding him sleeping like this:

Doesn't he just look adorable?!?!?! We also moved him back into his big boy crib. Although he is getting bigger... he still looks so small when we put him in the crib. Since we live in Utah, it is basically freezing all the time here, so we have to bundle him up at night. I love coming to check on him because he is just a little head poking out of all of his blankets!
Ps. my mom made his "that's how I roll..." blanket...and I love it! So cute :)

here he is hanging with dad... and sleeping in his favorite position... hands up by the head!

ahhh I just can't get over this little boy. For those of you who don't know us very well, we LOVE sports.... especially the Celtics. I was converted to loving this basketball team after I married Dante. For my baby shower my good friend Rachel got Noah this awesome Celtics onsie and booties! Sadly the NBA is not happening this year, so he hasn't been able to wear this outfit a lot... but Noah is basically already too big for this outfit anyways...
Is this a sign of things to come? Dad and Noah obsessing over sports and yelling at the TV? Either way, they both look cute... minus Dante's ridiculous mustache... gross. Also, I have no idea of how to flip this picture around.... so sorry it is upside down!

Lastly, one of Noah's most favorite activities... besides eating and sleeping... is taking his bath. That kid could spend hours in there! He he is getting ready... he wasn't very happy about it at the moment:

And here is our cute little chunky monkey in the bath... bath time is my favorite, because afterwards he is always so snuggley!
Look at that little gut :)