Monday, October 26, 2009

Life as we know it... and loving it!

Gosh, I really need to set a time aside each month to update our blog... you know kind of like writing in your journal?? ANYWAYS..... Just to update on our currnet status is life.... Dante and I are both still at BYU and really are enjoying our time here =) We spend a lot of our time apart between school and work, so we try to take advantage of the time we do have together!! I have been trying to find new recipes lately, and Dante acutally found one on his friend's blog for french bread pizza!!! It was so easy to make and it was yummy! All it took was:
- A loaf of French Bread

- Spagetti Sauce with some added Italian seasoning

- Shredded pepper jack cheese

- Pepperoni
- and whatever else you want on top!!!
- cook at 375 for about 8-10 mins
On a random note, one night we decided to have omlets for dinner and this is how it turned out... looking like the states! hahaha

Anyways... a couple of weeks ago Dante and I had our co-ed basketball game and it was getting pretty competitive... and I ended up getting elbowed in the mouth which split my lip almost the whole way through and chipped my tooth!

I didn't want to pay the fee at the ER since BYU insurance doens't cover very much there... so lame by the way, if the BYU health center is going to close at 6pm, they should have a better policy.. Seriously... do they think that people don't get hurt after their closing hours?!?!?! anways, so I went and played in my flag football game... which we won by 5 touchdowns =), went home at showered and was in bed and finally decided that since the cut was on my face that I should probably bite the bullet and go to the ER... we ended up staying there until about 2 am and I come home with a fat lip and 4 stitches.. it was a very exciting adventure. I just want to give a shout out to my amazing husband for putting up with my stubborness and staying with me in the ER all night when I finally decided to go, I love you baby.

4 days after the injury Dante and I flew home for Mitchells farewell talk!! I can't believe that he leaves TOMORROW to go to Brazil... he is sooooo ready though, and he did an amazing job on his talk. He is going to be an amazing missionary, I am really looking forward to his upcoming letters =) We loved going home!! It consisted of a lot of naps, some amazing eating thanks to my mom's amazing cooking, we went to Devon's football game on Friday night, and Dylans football game on Sautrday night. It was a blast and we both wished that we could've stayed longer!! It was really hard to try to get back into the swing of things after we came home!

In the spirit of Halloween I had a work party which helped, and we carved pumpkins!! It was really fun.. for some reason we have carved a lot of pumpkins this year, but I think our latest one is the one I like the most!! It is of Jack the pumpking king from the Nightmare Before Christmas !!

After the work party we came home and studied for awhile and then at 1 am we went to the parking lot across from the football stadium and camped out for the ESPN college game day that came to Provo!! In case you were wondering... yes it was raining while we set up our tent, yes it was freeeeeezing (despite what Dante says), yes it was loud... ALL NIGHT LONG, and yes we did get in line early enough to actually get inside the barriers for the college game day set up! If we wouldn't have gotten in I probably would've counted this as one of our worst experiences together... but since we were able to make it in we did have a lot of fun despite being sleep deprived and cold!! PS... please excuse how gross I look in these pictures... but given the circumstances I guess that was about as good as it was going to get!! However, we both are now sick... haha but how often is EPSN college game day goign to come to Provo?! GO COUGS!!!