Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Can I just say that I LOVE summer! There are so many fun things to do and it is warm and it is so nice to just have a break from school and all the snow of Utah. As most of you know Dante and I moved all the way out to Baltimore for the summer and it has definitely been an adventure! We had a couple day honeymoon out in Lincoln city, drove to Texas afterward for the open house there, and then drove all the way out to Maryland. We spend apporximatley a whole week in a car driving coast to coast... not something I would recommend to anyone! Baltimore is pretty cool though, it actually reminds me a lot of Oregon in how green it is here... but it is like 20 times more humid here, but we like it for the most part. We are also living in such nice apartments right now, they are brand new with a washer and dryer, a hugh master bedroom, granite counter tops, and a swimming pool and weight room. It's a really nice set up, but I think that we will have a little bit of a wake up call when we head back to Provo and realize that we won't be living like royalty anymore!

Dante is selling alarm systems for Platinum secruity Mon-Sat 12-10pm, so it is a pretty demanding schedule.. but since we have been out here we have been able to do some really fun things. One of our first weekends out here we went to Gettysburg! It was so amazing to be able to see the battlefields and cemetary in person after learning so much about all of this in school.

The following weekend we went down to the harbor area of Baltimore and it is such a fun area! There was an old power plant there that they had turned into a ESPN Zone (Dante loved that part), a Hard Rock Cafe, and other fun restaurants and stores right a long the dock. We rented a paddle boat and were able to float around the Marine Museum they had right here in the harbor which was pretty neat, and I finally got to touch the Atlantic ocean! They also have a huge aquarium there that we are both looking forward to going to some day soon =) As we were leaving and walking to our car we also walked past a Holacuast Memorial. The statue in the middle was kind of creepy, but overall it was a pretty sweet memorial!
This past weekend we decided to make the trek out to Washington DC, and it was totally worth it! I absolutley loved the area out there. There is soooo much to do, you could spend a whole week there and have something to do every day! We started out in the Air and Space museum at the Smithsonian and it was way cool... the museum showed how airplanes worked, and the development of space shuttles like Apollo 13. After hanging out there for awhile we walked up to the Capitol building and it was so amazing! It felt really surreal to be there. The buidling was beautiful though, and on top of the building is a statue of Lady Liberty. We then walked to the Washtington Monument, and the walk there was soo cool. All of the building have the most amazing architecture! However, when we got to the Washington Monument it was even more incredible, not only because of the Washington Monument, but because from there you could see the Capitol in one direciton, the World War II memorial/Lincoln Mermorial in another direction, and the White House in another direction. Talk about AWESOME!!! After we walked around the Washington Monument we walked through the World War II memorial to the Lincold memorial and it was seriously my favorite part of the day. Honest Abe was such an inspiring man, and it was such a neat opportunity to be able to visit his memorial.

Like I said though, you could spend a whole week there and

have plenty of things to do, and by the time we were done at the Lincoln Memorial it was almsot ten, so we just drove by the white house, but I am sure we'l be back there soon enough to acutally walk by it!