Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mountain Biking in Moab

I know, it has been while since I last wrote anything... I tell this amazing story of how I got engaged to the love my life, and then I just left you hanging! So I thought that I would give a little up date on how we are doing thus far. We keep pretty busy throughout the week with school and work, and of course planning our wedding. It is crazy to think that we only have about a year left before we graduate from BYU! Wow, how time flies, I really feel like just yesterday I was a little freshman moving into my dorm room in good ol' Heritage Halls... anwyays, sorry about that trip down memory lane. In addition to enjoying school and being engaged, we are both excited because the weather is starting to warm up and Provo is beginning to thaw out.. I am so excited for warm weather! Seriously, I think most of you remember when it snowed last week, what the heck?! It is March for crying outloud! Before the snow came back though, we were able to take a fun trip downto Moab with some of friends and go camping and mountain biking!
The weather was absolutely perfect while we were there, in fact I think a couple of us got a little bit sunburned. We rode up Klondikes pass and I am not going to lie, it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be... but it was all definitely worth it! It took us about three and half hours or so to ride to the top of the mountain and then we got off our bikes and hiked to the very end of the trail; the view from the top was breathtaking. Some of Heavenly Father's creations are so incredible!
The view from here was so amazing!

Look at the awesome shapes and colors of those rocks behind us! Also, look at how cute my fiance is, I am seriously so excited to get married to that boy.. as of today we only have 56 days left!!!!! But who is counting???
After spending about an hour of there we hiked back down and were climbing back onto our bikes and realized how badly our bums were hurting! This was not good, because now we had a long, bump ride back down to mountain to where our car was parked... it was the ultimate "test of manhood" getting back on our bikes to ride down. I am almost certain that my bum did not touch my bike seat the whole way down. Despite our sore bums, the ride down was really fun, we all got to be going at a pretty fast pace, but that quickly changed after Dante hit a bump wrong and flipped over his handle bars! Not to worry though, besides a few scratches and scrapes he was ok...what a tough man! It didn't take neaerly as long to get down the mountain, which I am definitely grateful for because my toosh was seriously starting to ache, but we all made it back to the car safely. We biked about 10 miles all together and it was so fun! We even were able to see some fosssilized dinosaur tracks!

So besides our throbbing bums, some cut up legs and arms, and a serious need for a nap, it was an amazing trip!!!