Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spring, Summer, Anniversary.Graduation. Crruuuuuuuise

I have personally set a new goal to update my blog AT LEAST once every two weeks. I am tired, as I am sure that you are too, of reading ridiculously long blog posts every 6 months that update you on our lives. So lets cross our fingers and hope that this will be the last "catch you up on our lives" post!!

I have to say that these past four months have been super crazy, but we have thoroughly enjoyed our summer here in Provo. After winter semester ended in April, we both jumped right in to Spring term. I have never had classes spring or summer term, but it was definitely hard to sit in class when the sun was shining! I took classes both spring and summer classes and started my internship at Y-BE-FIT on BYU campus. Classes were hard. at an accelerated pace. and took every fiber of my being to concentrate on them! However, I did love working at Y-BE-FIT as a fitness and nutrition counselor for the summer. I had clients that I met with every week and set little goals with to help them reach their overall fitness goals. It was so amazing to see everyone accomplish their goals and get back into shape. I think the thing that I loved most about it though, was seeing people who just a couple of weeks ago hated exercising, get excited and about working out and eating healthy. What a rewarding internship that was!

In May we celebrated our one year anniversary! I honestly cannot believe that I have been married for a year (well now it is almost a year and a half)! Our anniversary was on a Sunday this year, so I made us a big pot roast dinner that day and it was delish! We did take a lot of pictures, but I am technology challenged and deleted most of them :( so here is a picture of the dinner I made.

At the end of May we took a road trip out to California for our friends Jeremy and Kelsey's wedding. It was so fun to see such great friends get married and enjoy a short vacation together. We went to the beach ( and got soooo sunburned) the wedding, and as an anniversary gift to ourselves, we went to six flags with our friends John and Amy.

June was a looong month. However, we did get season passes to the Seven Peaks water park, and I am pretty sure that I went just about everyday of the week! It was great that my sister-in-law and her kids all had passes as well as other friends from our ward did. With Utah's hot summer days, it helped pass the time and gave me a nice tan :)

July was pretty hectic, but a month packed with fun! To celebrate the 4th, we went and watched the Stadium of Fire celebration at the BYU football field, and it was so fun! We went early with a bunch of friends to find a good place to watch from and layed out blankets and played games and ate popcicles while we wait for the show to begin. It was such a great way to celebrate our independence day!

The next week Dante, my old roomie Mandy, and I all piled into a car and drove all the way up to eastern Washington to Lake Sacajawea to go wakeboarding and camping with my family and other friends. Dante had never wakeboarded before, so it was a blast have him get out there and give it a try. I also hadn't wakeboarded for almost 2 years!!! So it felt good to get back in the water and bust it out. We were only able to go for 4 of the 8 days they were there, but it was such a great and relaxing trip. We didn't have any cell phone or internet access all week and we loved it! Although we were hurting when we got home because of how sore we were, it was all worth the "pain" and hated having to go back to work and classes after such a fun trip!

August was also jam packed with things to do, but we both loved it because we graduated from college! I cannot believe that I am a BYU grad now! It was such a surreal feeling getting my diploma. Mine and Dante's family both came to Utah for the trip, and it was such a fun weekend to have them both here. We went to Seven Peaks all day with everyone, had a graduation party, played games together, stayed up way to late talking, and of course went to graduation. We arranged it so that Dante and I could walk together, and even though I graduated with the Sociology Department, it was such a fun day being able to finish up our BYU experience together.

To celebrate graduation and our honeymoon that we never went on, we decided to go on a cruise with our good friends Sean and Alena. We piled into a car on Saturday and drove to California, and then on Sunday boarded the Cruise ship for a whole week of absolute fun! I cannot even begin to describe the great time we had on the ship. From the time we got on, to the time we got off, it was a blast!